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Homesnap is a mobile app provider that offers a comprehensive real estate search experience for homebuyers and agents. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and it has a variety of features that make it a popular choice among real estate professionals. One of the main advantages of Homesnap is its complete listing information. The app has access to over 100 million property records, which means that users can find detailed information about any property they are interested in. This includes data on property history, property taxes, school districts, and more. Another key feature of Homesnap is


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Homestack is a mobile app provider that offers a robust set of features for real estate agents and consumers. Here is a review of its key features: Complete listing information: Homestack provides detailed information about property listings, including photos, property features, and pricing information. Collaborative search with client: The app allows real estate agents to collaborate with their clients by sharing properties, notes, and feedback on the go. Synced with MLS and/or website: Homestack is synced with the MLS, ensuring that property listings are up-to-date and accurate. It is also integrated with agent’s websites. Messaging between consumers/agent: The app has


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MLS-Touch is a mobile app provider that aims to provide users with access to MLS listings on the go. Here’s a review of some of its features: Complete listing information: Yes, MLS-Touch provides complete listing information, including property details, photos, and agent contact information. Collaborative search with client: Yes, users can share property listings with clients and collaborate on search results within the app. Synced with MLS and/or website the MLS-Touch is synced with MLS data, so users can access the latest listings. Messaging between consumers/agent: Yes, users can message agents directly from the app to inquire about listings or

Ojo Labs

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OJO Labs is a mobile app provider that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide homebuyers with personalized real estate experiences. It is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers several features to help users in their home buying journey. OJO Labs offers complete listing information through its integration with MLS databases. Users can browse through listings and view details such as property type, price, location, and amenities. The app also provides information on recently sold homes, allowing users to gauge the local market and property values. Collaborative search with clients is another feature of OJO Labs. Users can


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Propertyminder is a mobile app provider that offers a range of features to help real estate agents stay connected with their clients on the go. Here is a review of some of its key features and capabilities: Complete listing information: Propertyminder provides complete listing information for agents to view and share with their clients. Collaborative search with the client: The app offers collaborative search capabilities, allowing agents to work with their clients to find the perfect property. Synced with MLS and/or website: Propertyminder is synced with the MLS and/or website, the providing up-to-date property information and details. Messaging between consumers/agent:

Remine Mobile

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Remine Mobile is a mobile app provider that aims to provide real estate professionals with essential tools for mobile search, data analysis, and communication. Here’s a review of the features and functionality of Remine Mobile. Complete listing information: Remine Mobile provides complete listing information, including property details, pricing, photos, and descriptions. Users can access all MLS data, including off-market listings and historical data. Collaborative search with clients: Remine Mobile allows agents to collaborate with clients by sharing property information, tracking search history, and saving searches. Users can create personalized client accounts that sync with the agent’s desktop platform. Synced with


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As a free member benefit from NAR, the REALTORS Property Resource or RPR is an incredible member-only tool that every NAR member should leverage and utilize on any device at or the RPR mobile app. RPR is the most comprehensive database of US property inventory, with more data points on each US property than any other option on the market. RPR allows you to create incredibly detailed CMAs, property reports, neighborhood reports, investor and/or investment analysis reports, commercial reports, rental reports, and more, all of which can be customized and personalized/branded. By allowing the real estate agent to make


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SavvyCard is a mobile app and digital business card that offers a variety of features to real estate agents, including lead generation, marketing, and networking tools. Here’s a review of its main features: Cost: SavvyCard offers a free plan with limited features, and paid plans starting at $15/month for more advanced features and customization options. Automatic Promotion: SavvyCard allows agents to easily share their digital business card with potential clients and promote their listings through social media and other online channels. Branding: The app automatically includes the agent’s branding and contact information on their digital business card and marketing materials.