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Video E-mail is all the rage and Wiind allows you to not only send a video e-mail but then have the recipient respond back to you with Video as well.  in other words, 2-way video e-mail communication.  How cool is that.  You can try it out with 10 Video Emails per month for FREE or get the Unlimited Plan for only $35/mo!
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WeVideo is the best video production & editing software around.  It can be used online or as an app (in fact it was recently named the best video editing app for Android for the 3rd year in a row!) and has a great selection of tools, designs, music and more.  And most importantly it is very easy to use.  Typically it is $99/yr for unlimited usage, but RETI members get a $20 off discount or only $79/yr.  Click here to Set Up Your Discounted WeVideo Account Today!.

Direct Mail can be effective for local farming, but can also be weak from a tracking standpoint because the only way to do so is based on counting phone calls or registrants on your website.  Well not with ListingGrabber as they provide every home owner with their own unique URL which means they don’t have to register and as soon as they visit the URL on their post card, you the advertiser is alerted that it worked! Click here to Set Up Your Discounted ListingGrabber Account Today!.

FloorPlansOnline.com is a great solution that creates amazing Real Estate Marketing websites for properties.   Features include:

  • Large Photos – up to 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Large editable WalkThru Video, up to 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Ability to embed your own video hosted elsewhere, such as YouTube or Vimeo.  It plays right inside the content area!
  • Interactive FloorPlan – point and click your way through the floorplan just by clicking icons

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Looking for a Great Co-Branded Closing Gift for Your Buyers?  Create an account for them on HomeDiary.com and they can Create a Digital Record of Their New Home.  Log Projects, Improvements, Inventory Purchases, Receipts, Paint Colors and more, plus create a digital floor plan to plan improvement ideas!   Create YOUR REALTOR Account with the RETI Special on HomeDiary.com Today!

WiseAgent is one of the most powerful and yet flexible Contact Management, CRM & Task/Transaction Management systems available in the real estate industry with integrations with several 3rd party tools it !   Create YOUR REALTOR Account with the RETI Special on WiseAgent.com Today!