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Magic Plan ($9.99/mo on both iOS and Android) – What if I told you, you could measure a room standing in one place and without moving any of the furniture. And not only one room, but all of the rooms and create a floor plan of the entire property including a 2D, 3D, and immersive tour while you are at it, plus create a branded floorplan brochure. Well be prepared to be amazed by Magic Plan in our video overview or go to for more details.

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  • Pros : _ Dynamically create floor plans with your mobile device _ Measure room dimensions including height using lidar technology that can go through the furniture and other obstructions _ Automatically detects corners of walls, elevations/heights of ceilings, doorways, windows, etc without you needing to click at all _ Enhance the floorplan with the object designer to insert amenities, furniture, etc. _ Create a personalized pdf brochure of the property floor plan that can be used in your marketing _ Create a 2D and 3D virtual tour of the property _ And more
  • Cons : _ Does require a bit of practice to be able to utilize it properly _ Is easier to use on a tablet versus a phone due to the ability to hold a tablet more steady/stabilization as you move around _ Oddly shaped rooms can be a bit tricky to do (this is true with any measurement software or app)
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