These days it is very hard to reach people in their email inbox or even SMS text messages because of the number of communications we all receive each day.  But BombBomb is an innovative product that addresses this issue by allowing you to quickly and easily create a video from any device and then embed it into your messages as an animation (which BombBomb automatically creates from the video file) with a visual ribbon that shows the recipient how long the message is (ex. Check out this 37-second video I’ve created for you).  This allows you to send quick messages to thank someone for meeting with you, provide updates, check in on someone, wish them a happy birthday/anniversary, walk them through a contract, or just about anything else you can think of.  And the key is because that recipient sees the animation with you in it, they realize you took the time to create them the video message, the open and watch rates far exceed typical email or text communications.

Check out the webinars below to learn how you can use and leverage BombBomb in your marketing and communications.

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  • Pros : _ Easily create videos from any device at the website, app, or browser extension _ The browser extension also integrates with Gmail accounts which allows you to have the full functionality of BombBomb from your main inbox _ Includes an excellent and easy to use video editor on all devices _ Automatically takes the first 5-seconds of your videos and creates a GIF animation that can be used in email and SMS text messages _ Provides excellent stats and tracking on all message activity including open rates, watch rates of the videos, click rates of any links _ Performance of BombBomb messages are considerably higher than standard messages _ It is intended to be used for personal 1-on-1 communications, but the upgrade Plus package allows you to use it for group or blast messages as well _ Video message can be branded (including the ability to create your brand that can be automatically added to all videos) _ Videos can be saved to your personal library and reused for any future messages _ Video editor also includes many video templates for holidays, special occasions, and business milestones, and more
  • Cons : _ Base product is intended for 1-on-1 communications and is $30/mo _ Plus product allows you to use the system to send blasts or mass messages to up to 500 people for $50/mo _ While embedding a video into an email is hard to do without a program like BombBomb, it is easy to include videos in SMS text messages so some do not see the advantages or justification to pay for BombBomb _ Many programs now can help you create a similar 5-second animation from a video clip and adding the visual ribbon can be duplicated as well, so some do not see the advantages or justification to pay for BombBomb

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