Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell is designed to capture what traditional video doorbells can’t, the new smart entry solution boasts an industry-leading vertical field of view, allowing users to get a bigger, more precise picture of their front porch. The Video Doorbell captures footage in a square aspect ratio to allow users to fully view packages on the ground or visitors from head to toe. It also offers features such as HD resolution image quality along with clear, two-way audio for users to simultaneously see and speak to visitors.

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  • Pros : The Arlo Video Doorbell conveniently connects to an existing wired mechanical or digital chime for continuous power, recently they started offering a battery-powered version for locations without a wired power source available. Features include: _ Optimized front entry view – industry-leading vertical field-of-view with an optimized 1:1 aspect ratio _ Motion detection and alerts – receive alerts when motion is detected _ Video call – calls your phone directly so you never miss a visitor _ Quick reply messages – pre-recorded messages to quickly reply to visitors _ Night vision – see who’s at your door at night, even without a light on _ HD video – capture vivid detail in bright and dark areas with HDR _ Zoom – zoom in on a subject while on a live video call _ Silent mode – disables push notifications and silences chime _ Weather-resistant design – designed to withstand heat, cold, rain, or sun _ Tamper detection – siren can be triggered if someone attempts to remove the doorbell
  • Cons : This is a very good device with no obvious negative compared to other options in this category but if we are being picky ;): _ The camera view is fixed and lacks the ability to pan from side to side _ If not installed properly, there can be areas that are missed or lack coverage or blind spots
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